It's Murder

"The best murder mystery I have ever been to. The twists and turns where remarkable. It could not be faulted. The performances were perfect. What can I say 'gold stars all round'"
Pearl Anderson from West Sussex

It's Murder

Murder Mystery Plots

This is a list of all the current themes of our murder mystery evenings and weekends. Fancy being a super sleuth and becoming a murder expert?

2023 Season


Conrad and Clara Christmas are hosting a party to celebrate the festive season. Although they always throw the best in town, there is usually some strife amongst one or two of the revellers. This year there is someone present who does not extend 'Goodwill to all Men'. Join us for this Christmas party with a difference and find out for yourselves just what is going on and who that someone is!


PI Jimmy Bonde is trying to track down the killer of his close friend and partner Sam Spayed. Sam had been keeping entrepreneur Adam Tycune under surveillance, whom he suspected of laundering money through Tony Valentine's nightclub "Hearts", but before Sam could pursue this further he was stabbed to death in a back alley behind "Hearts". Come and help us unravel this 1970s murder mystery, flares and platform shoes are optional!


Captain's XI is a village football team that has seen better days; the only way to save them from ruin is the new idea of an internet game. A famous football pools company is rumoured to be prepared to pay millions. But will it be given a sporting chance by the premier league backers, or even their own players and fans? Come party with us and find out if 2000 is the year that will finally put the club on the map.


"An Easter Eggstravaganza" awaits you on this murder mystery. A rich antique dealer, a recently dumped socialite and a potential best selling author will be amongst the guests at the Hotel. But where does the Easter Bunny come into it? What strange occurrences are befalling the hapless guests? Be there to find out eggsactly what is going on!


What could possibly go wrong this weekend as our celebrity Chef, Ramsay Gorden, reveals the secrets of his culinary masterpieces? Expect surprises as this loudmouthed show-off creates mayhem amongst the other members of staff. Who will be the next victim of his savage tongue lashing? What is Ramsay cooking up behind the scenes? Join us this weekend and find out.


Join the ranks of celebrities and royalty as you ride this legendary train travelling from Istanbul to Sleepy Willow, via London and Europe. Some of the most notorious spies and courtesans mingled with the rich and famous in the heyday of this opulent hotel on wheels. In January this year the train was renovated to recapture the romanticism of the early 20th Century, whilst incorporating modern day technology. We are confident that 2015 will be a year to remember for our famous express. Fancy dress is encouraged.


It's 1947 and you are all actors and actresses who have been invited to a party being held to celebrate the resumption of film making at Pynewood Studios after the War. The auditions for Stefan Spellbinder's the latest blockbusting movie "Dying to tell You" are to be held in the morning and everyone who is anyone in the film world will be at tonight's "star studded" gala. Why not come in 1940s costume or black tie?


Chicken farmer Bernard Legge is launching a new commercial for "Golden Beaks" the latest in a long line of hugely successful chicken shapes in breadcrumbs. Not everyone is happy about it and there are some who would prevent Bernard from making a killing out of poultry. Will a member of the outspoken animal rights group PECT - People for the Emancipation of Chickens & Turkeys, be there to disrupt the launch? Are some of the guests there in support or for more sinister reasons? Join us for murder on the menu!


It's 2015 and Tony and Eve are having a not too discreet affair. Although Tony is happy to deceive his wife and family, Eve discovers she has a conscience after all. She is trying to persuade Tony to come clean and leave his wife and has threatened to tell the old bat herself if he won't. Will things go well for our star-crossed lovers or will their world come crashing down around them? Come to our Valentine's party and discover for yourself.


Tonight you have been invited to a Masquerade Ball at Imperial Hall, home of the Earl and Countess of Splendor; which is being held to celebrate the winning of 34 medals at The Paris Summer Olympics in this Year of Our Lord 1924. Amongst the dignitaries, celebrities and friends are some who have an axe to grind, jealousy and animosity are rife in the hearts of a few; perhaps things will not go as well as expected for the Earl and Countess tonight. You will be mixing with the very best of our nobility so please come dressed in your finest masquerade costumes and don't forget your elegant domino masks.


This should be the happiest day of Peter & Melody's lives as they have just been married at St Oswald's church, but they are worried that their respective families may not be capable of getting through the reception without physical violence. Neither side approves of the marriage and have tried their utmost to prevent it. Intrigued? Join us in this murderous celebration for a wedding night to remember.


It's 1979 and the sleepy town of Mistletoe is about to wake up, as Chillingham College is to hold a Christmas Reunion Party for their class of '69. Is there a feeling of fun and excitement in the air or will old grudges and rivalries spark off an explosive atmosphere? Could well kept dark secrets be revealed with dire consequences, or are hatchets about to be finally buried? Come dressed in your finest sixties or seventies gear and all will be revealed.


It is 1936 and the recently completed "Queen Marie" is the largest and most luxurious passenger liner ever built. Captain Horatio Hogwash will make the "Queen Marie's" maiden voyage his last as he has decided to retire once the ship returns home. Come along and join the Captain as he hosts a welcoming party to celebrate the launch and his forthcoming retirement. You will be joining all the other guests in the ship's first-class facilities so come along prepared to dress to impress! Optional black tie for the Captain's party on Friday night and come in your 1930s finery for a party to die for! However, be prepared as the trip may not be all plain sailing!


In "Murder He Wrote" a party is being held to celebrate the near completion of Willy Rich's latest novel "Village Life", a thinly veiled exposé that will reveal some unpleasant facts about several guests. But someone at the party has more to lose than most... Come dressed in your best to solve this mystery.


Lethall Lodge is the perfect venue for our spiritual fair this year, amongst others the famous clairvoyant Madame Mystique will communicate with the other side. But is there a darker side to the spiritual plane? Who knows what may pay us a visit. Come join us and unearth the truth for yourselves!


We celebrate the release of Ron Knight from a life sentence in prison after a serious miscarriage of justice. As friends and well-wishers you are invited to join in the festivities Ron has invited you all to a party tonight (28 November 2008) to celebrate his freedom. But is there a more nefarious reason for this revelry? Ron must find out who framed him for murder. Who could hate him so much? Or was it simply a case of mistaken identity? Perhaps we will find out...?


Graham Goode, the notorious head of the Goode Friday Gang, was shot dead last week. The police have received a tip off that his murderer is staying in the hotel this weekend, to prevent gang warfare the police are trying to establish the identity of the killer. Rumour has it that the rest of the Goode Friday Gang are also visiting the area. Come dressed to kill for our 1930s murder mystery!


Dr Jonas Carter's latest archaeological dig in Egypt has come to an extremely successful close having unearthed many priceless artefacts. Tonight at the Pyramid Hotel Dr Carter will reveal the curse of King Tutty, placed on anyone foolish enough to desecrate his final resting place. Was the curse merely an invention by the priests to keep tomb robbers at bay, or something more sinister? Strange things are happening that might convince you to believe in the curse. If you dare brave the wrath of King Tutty then join us in a party to die for here at the Cairo Pyramid Hotel, and come dressed in your best Egyptian costumes.


Join us for the 5th Annual dinner of the S.P.O.O.C (Society for the Preservation of Old Cinema) Horror Convention. Everyone will be here to meet the actors, hear them reminisce about their favourite films and co-stars, collect a few autographs and maybe pick up a piece of movie memorabilia. But who has it in for one of the celebrity guests? Join S.P.O.O.C and find out. Fancy dress is highly encouraged if not compulsory, so come dressed to KILL!


Celebrate in style with Styal's High Fashions prior to the demonstration of their groundbreaking SuperLoom™ to Europe's leading designers and buyers. The Directors and employees of this struggling firm, selling mainly to the older end of the market, hope that this invention will rocket them into the first division. But all is not well within the company... Come dressed in your best gear as we celebrate 1966 in style, prior to the demonstration of the groundbreaking SuperLoom™.


Doug Downe is the first lottery winner of the New Millennium with winnings of £3.9 million. Join him and his friends this Friday 3 March 2000 for a party to remember! Doug is splashing his money around and has discovered more friends (and enemies) than he ever realised existed. Is it just jealousy that is causing some of them to behave badly or is it something more? Come, join in the celebrations and discover for yourself just what is going on!


In our 1920s murder mystery Dr Grey is an unwelcome guest at Marble Mansion and his presence is unsettling to both the wealthy widow Nicola Navey and her niece Penelope Pink. With the help of close friends they plan to ensure that he no longer imposes on their hospitality and departs as soon as is politely possible. But has Dr Grey other malicious intentions for his prolonged stay and will long kept secrets be revealed?